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Dear Metro Area Christian Friends,

As the internet is a primary way many people connect to local issues and resources, we have a golden opportunity to use this “new media” for good.

The internet is an incredible means by which we can be, as Jesus said, “salt and light” in the world (Matthew 5:13, 14), and by our words and example, reach out to people and influence values in our community.

We can do it right here in Metro Detroit! Let me introduce you to a local website designed specifically to help us reach out together – far beyond our church buildings, and make meaningful connections throughout Metro Detroit.


It’s time for us to share our stories, information, events, volunteer opportunities, pictures, videos, church news and other interests.

Together, using we can:

• SHARE with our Metro Neighbors web links, tools and information; offering a helpful free resource to anyone and everyone in Metro Detroit. We will also create some new bridges between city and suburbs, believers and non-believers, churches and charities.

• SPREAD and publish positive, helpful news for our communities through this local web site covering all sorts of interests and categories; such as Art, Sports, Learning, Business, Faith, Service, Civics, Local History and others.

• SERVE others through this Family Friendly ad free metro website, sharing reports and opportunities from various outreach ministries, churches and charities in the city and suburbs.

• SHAPE our Culture by offering uplifting stories, information, pictures and videos; taking some community leadership and reaching out to our diverse and widespread population center.

• SHOW ourselves and others that we have moved off the sidelines and together exploring many avenues to connect our communities and reach out to our neighbors.

Community is key. What’s needed now: Churches, businesses, professionals, and YOU supporting this effort. A community website needs community involvement from people of all ages and interests, to publish, share our talents, get noticed, pass on neighborly news!

Reaching out.

LookUpDetroit not only depends on, but provides opportunities for local authors, photographers, businesses, professionals, churches, artists, and others to use it as an outreach tool with helpful, neighborly articles, pictures, news, events, videos, web links, audio messages and other content. With our built-in easy-to-use tools, authors or readers can also repost to targeted and expanded audiences through Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg and many other social networking tools. How’s that for reaching out? and our Metro Blog at can also help a showcase and support many Metro Detroit Ministries and Outreaches serving the needy. We will be highlighting their activities and helping to recruit volunteers. LookUpDetroit is here to link people to their websites, cover their events, and showcase their stories, pictures and videos.

Last, but not least. Let’s not kid ourselves. We are all aware of some of the divisions in Metro Detroit; divisions between city and suburbs, black and white, various churches and denominations and other dividing lines. Is this something we can work on together to reach out?

Can LookUpDetroit be new tool to build bridges of better communications and understanding? This website will only be successful if you and other members of the community embrace it and get involved. I’m hoping you’ll bring your talents and resources and join us in this unique opportunity for reaching out to the wider community in both greater compassion and better communications.

Please look over the website and let’s talk – please call or email me about how you, your church, business or organization can reach out through LookUpDetroit.

For Christ and His Kingdom,
Richard Dalton

phone: 313-408-1521 email:

“Work for the good of the city where I’ve taken you as captives, and pray to the LORD for that city. When it prospers, you will also prosper.” – Jeremiah 29:7

440 Burroughs Street  # 629 – Detroit, MI 48202


a nonprofit outreach of communication and compassion