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1.  In 15 words or less, what is the mission of Look Up Detroit!?

LookUpDetroit: Using the web to share good news, connect with and serve our Metro Detroit Neighbors.


What tag line would you put on a t-shirt?

Public Tag line: – your neighborly Metro Gateway


2.  Who is your primary customer (the person whose life is changed though your work)?

Our primary customers / supporters will be the Christian community: Churches, Ministries Nonprofits, Christian Artists and Individuals who see the value of a community internet platform to share stories, events and weblinks.

We also want unbelievers to have the ability to share family friendly posts on this web platform. Many lives can be changed throughout the metro area as the general public has access to neighborhood news, a clearer connection and view of the Christian Community; not given them by the mainline media.

We want to follow Jesus command to: Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. – Matt 5:16


3. With how many primary customers have your shared your idea?  How have they responded?

The website and it’s purpose has been personally shared with dozens of people.  I always get a great response from believers and unbelievers about what it could do for the city and suburbs of Detroit.

I’ve not really given people the ability to be a part of this effort by easily posting content or by contributing funds. That’s been real weak point in my activities.  I know there are ways to correct this by involving others and some technical changes. Visitors to the existing site are far below the potential – last month at 26,000 visits.


4. What will be the results of your program?

We must touch and inform the wider culture in Metro Detroit and other major cities. The results of this effort would be giving our metro area a better view and ongoing connection to the Christian Community and other neighborhood resources. Nonprofits would be given a greater reach to recruit volunteers. Christians from various  “camps” would be using a shared platform for outreach with their stories and witness.

Also, through shared 50/50 funding efforts we could help fulfill the call of Christ to send laborers beyond the church and into the fields. – Luke 10:2


5. What is your plan, including next steps?

My next step needs to be some team building, crowd funding and shared “ownership” in this effort. Given that I have the Domain, Facebook and Twitter Addresses for 40 major metro areas in North America there is great opportunity to try different approaches. New technical tools have emerged that can easily be used in this effort. I really will need someone with technical ability and some time to give to this effort. Once, I see the Metro Detroit Project is working I hope to develop with people there.


6.  Is the model sustainable?

Yes, this model is sustainable and expandable. So many efforts at city outreach are somewhat temporary; summer youth work, stadium events, evangelistic campaigns do much good, but have a short shelf life. This web effort is ongoing with the ability to reach into every home, office , tablet and smart phone in our metro area – everyday – year after year.


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