LookUp Letter Dec 2011

     …….. a metro project of Going To Help


As we seek to share the Glad Tidings and Good News,
could it be helpful to have our own Local News Platform ?


3,863,888 People in Metro Detroit


– Let’s Reach Them Together ! ! 


MERRY CHRISTmas to ALL and to ALL a Good Website

HE is the reason
for this SEASON!

I don’t think most of us, as Christians, mind others getting in on the joy and celebration we have this Christmas, whatever their views. What I do mind is JESUS being KICKED out of the public square and consistently TARGETED to be put out of any public view during this season and the rest of the year. It seems, in the view of some, HE and WE aren’t always “politically correct,” and need to be kept in our place.

Jesus said our place is everyplace, to go into “all the world”.
In 2012, it’s my hope that we, Metro Detroit Christians together will go beyond the confines of our Christian schools, churches, charities and homes and start sharing our lives, our talents, our work and stories in a digital “Public Square” that is on-line 24/7 to inform, link, and bless the wider community. Reaching out together, we have great communication opportunities.

3,863,888 – That’s a lot of people and they all have a variety of interests!  We can reach many of them, but we will need to meet them where they are.  Most aren’t searching the web for a church or Jesus.

LookUpDetroit.com and our other LookUpDetroit web platforms (.net, facebook, twitter) can cover all kinds of interests, including those of each of our counties, cities, and neighborhoods. As we help people Look Up various locals interests, we who Look Up to Christ Jesus can create some new bridges to our metro neighbors.

Do you think some positive alternatives to our local media that are faith and family friendly, would be helpful? Serving together, we as the Christian community, need to get on this information/internet-highway with our community news, links and witness to Jesus Christ.

Watch this short introduction by Richard Dalton, creator of LookUpDetroit


LookUpDetroit has been primarily a one man effort so far, … me. Even so, monthly visits have gone up to 48,000 this year ! That’s just a start. Think what we will do with serious Christian involvement and teamwork in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties.

Look at the rating of LookUpDetroit.com for both design and search engine optimization from Hubspot – an on-line website grader. We have a score of 95 – the top score is 100.  The popular and well-staffed ClickOnDetroit.com has a rating of 99.  Now, can you envision some of the advantages of working with other area churches, charities, service groups, individual Christians and LookUpDetroit to reach our many metro communities?

HubSpot Rating

This is a website for both the City and Suburbs.  Listen to Kino Smith with the Resource Hub recommend this effort: 


   Share our stories, news & witness with the general public.
   Support family-friendly on-line media for all in the Detroit Area.

   Help nonprofits share their news, events & volunteer opportunities.
   Highlight regional talent and gifts of Christians & others in Metro Detroit.

   Provide a catalog of local non-profits, churches, service clubs and others.
   Publish some of the countless positive things happening in Metro Detroit. 

   Influence the local culture & society with Judeo-Christian values.
   Inform, impact, witness and reach out to new neighbors everyday.


Check out our ad-free, nonprofit web platforms and the social connection channels we have on-line now:


LookUpDetroit.com  offers a magazine format, with articles, interest sections, daily tools and thousands of helpful family-friendly local weblinks.

LookUpDetroit.net  is a Metro Blog that can publish 100’s of stories weekly. Each story has it’s own unique URL, ready go viral through search engines, social networks and emails.

LookUpDetroit on facebook  can put our stories and events “on steroids” as we build a facebook audience to reach out further and further to metro neighbors.

LookUpDetroit on twitter  gives us a helpful web, mobile and smart-phone platform.

We are aiming high, doing a metro website covering our three counties. Sadly, as believers, we are used to being culturally sidelined, and need to pay some serious attention to upgrade our communication skills to the wider community. In 2012, we can use this technology for the good of our neighbors. I invite you and all believers in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties to join in this challenging joint endeavor.


. . . Jesus of Nazareth, a man who was a prophet mighty in word and deed before God and all the people …  Luke 24:19

Mighty in word and deed … communication and compassion. LookUpDetroit.com has also been created to help showcase many Metro Detroit Ministries and Outreaches serving the needy.  Our goal is to visit each local outreach and see what they are doing, up close.  What a blessing to be able to highlight their activities and help them recruit volunteers. LookUpDetroit.com is here to link people to their websites, cover their events, and showcase their stories.


Thanks for letting me share the vision for this local outreach. I hope you can see the value in this important project and our efforts as a Metro and Media Mission. There is a saying: “It’s okay to aim high if you have the ammunition”. This is an underfunded effort.  I’m asking you as community minded Christians for an end-of-the-year financial gift for this work.  I also request some of you to give regular monthly support in 2012.  This metro outreach and my direct involvement in the city and suburbs is my full time work.

There is another unfunded ministry you will be supporting at the same time, a ministry that impacts the needy and forgotten on a daily basis in the inner-city of Detroit. No paid staff, no state or federal funds, just volunteers sharing meals and ministry each Saturday morning on Woodward Ave. You’ll enjoy watching the video of Mike, a homeless man who for years lived under a highway bridge in Detroit, was addicted to heroin and other drugs before this faithful city ministry reached out to him, some nine years ago:

Click Here to Watch Mike’s
“I was on Drugs & Living Under the Bridge” Testimony

Friends Top Graphic

Each-end-of-the-year tax deductible donation will be shared 50/50 toward Communication (LookUpDetroit) and Compassion (Saturday Morning Feeding Ministry) Please write Dec 50/50 on the memo line. 

Thanks for your investment in this outreach & in our communities,
                 Richard Dalton,  Going To Help

                    Please call or email me with any thoughts or questions –
                         313-408-1521     richard@lookupdetroit.com

Checks should be made out to:
Going To Help   (501 c3, nonprofit metro mission)

and sent to:

Going To Help
440 Burroughs Street  # 629
Detroit, MI  48202 

P. S.  Even if you can’t help with a donation now, please call me if this work is of interest to you.  Let’s talk.  In 2012, we will need to build a team for this work. I’m hoping you’ll bring your connections and talents and join with us in this unique opportunity to reach out to the wider community in both greater compassion and better communications.