Cen4Pal, Harlem Dance Theatre, DakhaBrakha, Aisha Ellis Trio

Center for Performance Arts & Learning Offers Springboard to Creative Arts for Beginners

At the Center for Performance Arts and Learning, or Cen4Pal for short, culture and diversity come together to provide a safe space for individuals to try out the creative arts. With now 50 different instructional classes ranging from visual art, music, dance and creative expression classes, Cen4Pal strives to provide an inclusive environment and a springboard for young artists and educators to learn or teach a new craft.

Detroit Public TV’s “Detroit Performs: Live from Marygrove” team visits Cen4Pal, in Wixom along the Novi-Wixom border, to talk with the organization’s Cultural Ambassador Nandita Bajaj, Program Director Collin Kuss and Business Manager Gary Elsner about the environment Cen4Pal is cultivating and the mission to boost students’ confidence through the creative arts. Plus, the organization’s aerial and yoga instructor Katie Hoffman talks about the mixed aerial arts classes she teaches and the overall expansion of the organization since it began.

Dance Theatre of Harlem Finds Inspiration for “Higher Ground” Performance at Motown Museum

The Dance Theatre of Harlem combined movement, melody and history in their latest performance, “Higher Ground,” which paid tribute to Stevie Wonder and his influential music. Before performing at the Michigan Opera Theatre earlier this year, the dance company took a visit to Hitsville U.S.A. to find some inspiration from where Wonder got his start back in the day.

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Source: Cen4Pal, Harlem Dance Theatre, DakhaBrakha, Aisha Ellis Trio

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