Design Core Detroit celebrates the importance of good design

Detroiters have long celebrated the city’s triumphs of fine design.

From the elegance of the Guardian building to the original Ford Mustang, Detroit’s iconic designs still define the city today.

But what’s different about this year’s annual Detroit Month of Design celebration, running through Sept. 30, is the emphasis not on individual objects — beautiful cars, majestic architecture — but on how the design of everyday objects from bus shelters to bike lanes can help tie a community together.

The emphasis this year is not so much high design, the stuff that belongs in museums or that costs a fortune to own, but rather the small examples that have the power to enhance our lives.

That emphasis is deliberate, says Olga Stella, executive director of Design Core Detroit, a nonprofit entity that promotes good design as a way of life in Detroit. The organization helped coordinate the dozens of events and displays that are showcased during Design Month in September.

“You can see design in action in the city,” she said. “You don’t have to come to an event. It’s all around you. We’re really working hard to move people away from just thinking about design as like the pretty building, the architectural masterpiece, and more about those ways it impacts everyday people.“

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Source: Design Core Detroit celebrates the importance of good design

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