Detroit’s Nordin Brothers Make Art That’s Big, Beautiful and Pretty Darn Heavy 

If you live in metro Detroit, you’ve probably seen the work of the Nordin Brothers.

The pair have been creating fine art and function objects for indoor and outdoor spaces for 20 years. They are the founders of Detroit Design Center and make one-of-a-kind statement pieces using glass, metal, wood and mixed mediums.

Erik Nordin studied music at the University of Michigan and Israel Nordin studied ceramics and glass at the College for Creative Studies. Through their years of working together, their artistic differences and individual points of view have created balance in their approach and how they work with their clients.

Their 12,000 square foot studio space on Michigan Avenue in Detroit provides the space required to create large scale metal sculptures that they maneuver with the two cranes residing in their workspace.

Although they started with small scale pieces, their work has gotten bigger and bolder over the years and can now be seen all over the city of Detroit and throughout the state of Michigan. They’ve made aquariums, specially designed awards such as the one presented to Berry Gordy, Jr., and giant, stunning outdoor sculptures. All of their work is unique and tells a specific story.

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Source: Detroit’s Nordin Brothers Make Art That’s Big, Beautiful and Pretty Darn Heavy | WDET

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