Drive-In Movie Theaters Open in Michigan: Where to See Movies Outside 

It’s no secret that 2020 hasn’t exactly been a typical year. Usually, many of us would have been escaping the heat by spending a few air-conditioned hours in the movie theater, soaking in some summer blockbusters. COVID-19 has forced us all to compromise, but sometimes the results shine a light on some overlooked gems. In the case of going to the movies, this means we’ve now discovered the huge, charming drive-in movie theater scene that few Michiganders knew we had. From a Great Lake-adjacent seventy-year-old staple to a big complex right outside the Detroit city limits, here are some of the best drive-ins in Michigan.

Also, please note that while there are more drive-ins inside the state, we left out any that we knew stopped their screenings after Labor Day. We wanted to spare you as much heartbreak as possible.

Ford Drive-In

There are several selling points for the Ford Drive-In. First, they offer the most options in the state, even after they downgraded from nine screens to their current five (that’s still a lot for an outdoor theater — the indoor megaplexes have spoiled us). Additionally, all five screens show completely different double features, so you get some serious bang for your buck! And they show movies year-round, even touting heaters in the winter.

Be warned that, since COVID-times, the Ford has been extremely busy on weekends. We recommend going on a weekday or, if you must go on the weekend, being sure to get there early.
Distance from Detroit: Less than 20 minutes

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Source: Drive-In Movie Theaters Open in Michigan: Where to See Movies Outside – Thrillist

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