Fast Romantics – 6.14.17 – Magic Bag – Ferndale, MI

Toronto-based indie rockers Fast Romantics are now streaming their new LP, American Love, via Baeble, who say the band “have a knack for evoking emotions… nostalgia, sadness, and happiness.” The album is out now on Light Organ/Postwar Records. The band will be hitting the road for a number of US tour dates, listed below:
6.12.17 – Rumba Cafe – Columbus, OH
6.14.17 – Magic Bag – Ferndale, MI
6.16.17 – The Basement – Nashville, TN
6.18.17 – Vinyl Atlanta – Atlanta, GA
6.21.17 – Mercury Lounge – New York, NY
6.25.17 – The Sinclair – Boston, MA
6.28.17 – Township – Chicago, IL
6.30.17 – Summerfest – Milwaukee, WI

“Canadian indie rock with oodles of charm…”Clash UK

“Mixing…Springsteen’s political nous and a chamber-pop sound of fellow Canadians Arcade Fire, it’s a huge sound and call to arms for everyone to roll up their sleeves and try and make the world a better place.”Spectral Nights on “Why We Fight”

“[Fast Romantics] punch up a new breed of New Romanticism with plenty of power pop hooks…Matthew Angus croons, lovelorn, to his heart’s desire with Jarvis Cocker-esque swagger bolstered by the band’s exalting choruses, buzzing guitar licks, chiming keys and pulsing beat.” KEXP

Produced by the dynamic duo of Gus Van Go and Werner F (Arkells, Wintersleep, Hollerado), American Love is the follow-up record to Fast Romantic’s 2013 release, Afterlife Blues. Written and recorded over two years, alternating between Toronto and Brooklyn, American Love is a nod to the type of cinematic storybook romance American pop culture has conditioned us to search for, but also explores the realities at play off the silver screen that can wreak havoc on burgeoning love. We live in a time of political and social turmoil, and the twelve songs on American Love don’t deny this, each one marked by poignant references of the time and place in which they were conceived.

“I was falling pretty hard in love when we started the record,” explains frontman and lyricist Matthew Angus. “But the songs ended up being paintings of what it felt like to fall in love while the rest of the world went mad. The American election went bizarre and took over the Canadian one, everybody’s obsession with social media hit some kind of peak, and suddenly everyone — everywhere — was talking about America. Smartphones were going off like bombs everywhere I went. It started seeping into the songwriting, and now I’m not even sure how to describe it. Is it a collection of love songs about politics or is it a collection of political songs about love?”

But Angus insists that American Love is by no means a political protest record. Rather, it’s a series of reflections by a non-American songwriter living so close to the border, hyper-aware of America and its influence on Canada and the people around him.

“I’ve always had some kind of love affair or fascination with America. I think a lot of Canadians feel a push or a pull about our southern neighbours,” Angus says. “But the songs aren’t even really about one country, they’re more about borders. So many borders are blurring. What does it mean to be Canadian, or American, or Chinese, or British? We’ve all got Twitter, we’ve all got the BBC, we all fall in love, but that doesn’t mean we’re the same. Or does it?”

Hailed as an ‘Artist to watch’ in 2017 (Google Play), Fast Romantics is comprised of Angus, Jeffrey Lewis (bass), Kirty (vocals, acoustic guitar, synth), Kevin Black (guitars), Lisa Lorenz (keyboards) and Nick McKinlay (drums). Since reforming the band in 2013, the band has released one full-length LP. Known for their incredible live shows and songwriting prowess, Fast Romantics have received many accolades, including ‘Pop Group of the Year’ at the Sirius XM Indies (2014) and more recently their song “Julia” won the prestigious ‘SOCAN National Songwriting Prize’ in 2016.

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