Kresge Arts in Detroit announces 2020 Artist Fellows

Kresge Arts in Detroit announced Thursday it has awarded $550,000 to 30 Metro Detroit artists in its 2020 class.

“With artists in the midst of an unprecedented loss of employment, we’re thrilled to provide more awards than ever,” Christina deRoos, Kresge Arts in Detroit’s director, said in a statement. “Given the no strings attached nature of the awards and the central role of artists throughout the city of Detroit, we know these resources will have a positive impact on far more than the 30 individuals receiving them.”

Kresge Arts in Detroit annually awards Kresge Artist Fellowships, Gilda Awards and the annual Kresge Eminent Artist Award to support the area’s artists. It’s funded by The Kresge Foundation and administered by the College for Creative Studies.

The 20 Kresge Artist Fellowship winners received a $25,000 award. The 10 Gilda Award winners received $5,000.

This year, Kresge Arts in Detroit gave out 10 more awards than it has in recent years and increased the total amount of the awards by $90,000, officials said. Over the last 13 years, Kresge Arts in Detroit has awarded about $6 million to 252 artists.

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Source: Kresge Arts in Detroit announces 2020 Artist Fellows

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