Shakespeare in Detroit connects grade school students to theater

The director of a new program called Shakespeare STEAM is using the stage to give Detroit students the tools they need to succeed — something she said she missed out on in school.

White went to Mumford High School in the 1990s. At the time, they had to cut the theater department. But she went on to become a successful director, and now she leads a team of people to bring the arts back to schools.

Shakespeare in Detroit has dedicated its entire season to an educational pilot program that teaches children about Shakespeare and everything that goes into putting on the play.

When you think of Shakespeare, you probably don’t think about carpentry work, but children got to learn how to build a balcony for the play Romeo and Juliet.

Shakespeare in Detroit is connecting grade school children to theater by providing vocational and artistic training in its program, called “Shakespeare STEAM.”

As the artistic director and a graduate of Detroit Public Schools, the program is personal for White.

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Source: Shakespeare in Detroit connects grade school students to theater

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