The Untold Truth Of Glenn Frey

Along with Don Henley, Glenn Frey was one of the two main voices — and faces — of the Eagles. While singer-drummer Henley ably multitasked on classic songs like “Hotel California” and “One of These Nights,” it was Frey taking the lead on tunes such as “Take It Easy” and “Heartache Tonight,” complementing his vocals with a solid rhythm guitar. Granted, his status as a co-leader led to some controversy over the years, with former guitarist Don Felder referring to Frey and Henley as the Eagles’ “dual-headed dictators” years after his 2001 firing. However, there’s no changing the fact that Frey was a brilliant musician and songwriter who wrote and performed on some of classic rock’s most enduring tunes.

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Source: The Untold Truth Of Glenn Frey

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