A Fashion Designer Begins Anew in Detroit 

If you come from a place that has exported its tastes in design, architecture, fashion and music to a welcoming audience for well over a century; a place steeped in art made of broken glass and low-slung homes with triple-thick brick walls; a place where the bottom fell out in a dizzying way, but where retailers and hoteliers and college students and everyday workers are walking the comeback trail together, you have a healthy respect for adversity, and for problem solving.

You know that setbacks can arrive at any time, no matter how bright your current shine may be. They may knock you down for a bit, sure. But you can get back up.

Tracy Reese is such a person. And that place is Detroit.

Ms. Reese, 55, a Parsons-educated designer with three decades of experience in the New York fashion scene, has dressed celebrities including Taylor SwiftSarah Jessica Parker and Tracee Ellis Ross.

But she is probably best known for creating the sleeveless pink jacquard dress that Michelle Obama, when she was the first lady, wore to the Democratic National Convention in 2012 — and for being one of the very few African-American female designers atop her own brand.

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Source: A Fashion Designer Begins Anew in Detroit – The New York Times

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