Co-working spaces spark collaboration in Detroit

Just off a phone call, commercial interior designer Justin Morelock worked on a project at a table. Nearby, a tech entrepreneur developed what he hopes could be the next Spotify. A freelance photographer with a camera bag draped off her shoulder gathered her gear on the opposite side of the room.

Although they make their livings doing very different things, they all share office space. Bamboo Detroit is one of about 15 co-working centers in the city.

Co-working centers are where people from various businesses, nonprofits or organizations work in a shared space. Typically open in floor plan, co-working centers promote collaboration.

As real estate prices increase in Detroit, especially downtown, co-working is an option for entrepreneurs or small companies that desire to be in the city. Monthly membership rates around Detroit vary from $40 to $350.

“You can turn around and talk to a lawyer or an accountant,” said Amanda Lewan, co-founder of Bamboo Detroit. “There’s such a great community.”

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