Metro Detroit business duo debuts new “touchless” door stop

No one likes touching a dirty door handle, especially at a bar or a restaurant. And as more Michiganders return to eating out, cleanliness is a top priority for both employees and patrons.

A pair of local entrepreneurs is working to make touching a dirty doorknob or door handle a thing of the past with a touchless door stop they’ve coined the “Toad Opener.”

The device secures on the bottom of a door, and people simply use their foot to prop the door open.

It’s not a new idea, but the pair said they’ve avoided some of the shortfalls of previous door stops, and in a time when everyone is concerned about germs, saw a business opportunity.

Co-founder of the Toad Opener, Nick Moritz said in just two weeks of selling their product, they’ve already sold 50; mostly to area restaurants and bars.

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Source: Metro Detroit business duo debuts new “touchless” door stop

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