National business leaders increasingly bullish on Detroit, survey says

  • Nearly half of senior business leaders surveyed see Detroit as “excellent” business opportunity
  • 47 percent could see their companies investing in cities like Detroit that have fewer amenities, lower costs
  • Majority of surveyed Detroiters and suburbanites view changes in Detroit as positive
National business leaders are increasingly bullish on Detroit’s investment potential.

More than two-thirds of the 300 senior business leaders surveyed this year said they have a positive outlook on Detroit.

And nearly half or 46 percent see Detroit as an “excellent” business opportunity, up from less than a third last year.

That’s according to the fourth annual Detroit Reinvestment Index, a survey launched by the Kresge Foundation to gauge, among other things, perceptions of Detroit’s comeback and views on the region as an investment opportunity.

It’s important to see that Detroit is increasingly viewed favorably in comparison to other cities around the country, DFC Executive Director Anika Goss said.

“That means more capital, more jobs and more redevelopment coming to Detroit,” she said.

On-the-ground operations in Detroit could be helping fuel the positive sentiment.

An increasing number of respondents — 43 percent this year — said they have business operations in Detroit, up from 26 percent in 2016.

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Source: National business leaders increasingly bullish on Detroit, survey says

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