Study: Corvette most held onto car in Metro Detroit

The average American keeps their car for 7 years, but others hold on just a little longer.

That’s according to whose researchers analyzed which cars are held onto by owners for 15 years or more in the Metro Detroit area. They analyzed more than 3,500 cars from model years 1981-2004 sold in 2019.

Rank Model % 15+ year Old cars Kept by Original Owners
1 Chevrolet Corvette 18.4%
2 Toyota Highlander 15%
3 Toyota RAV4 14.8%
4 Honda Odyssey 13.9%
5 Toyota Corolla 13.5%

Other findings from the study (view here):

  • Average length of ownership among most popular cars
  • New passenger cars owners keep the longest
  • New pickup trucks owners keep the longest
  • New SUV owners keep the longest

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