Brown’s family and friends along with strangers from Michigan and across the country and the world, supported Brown continuously.

“Everyone who always stood by me, prayed for me, reached out, and continue to do so, I’m grateful and I’m thankful,” he said.

Brown says his faith in God, and the unwavering support from others kept him going – especially on his darkest days.

Wendell Brown hugs his mother after arriving at Metro Airport in 2019.

“I just began to pray harder. Just asking God for the strength. The strength to get through,” Brown said.

His family even created a GoFundMe page raising tens of thousands of dollars that was later used as restitution to help free him. His family says they never lost hope, simply because they couldn’t.

“Just to hold him, see his smile every day. It’s amazing,” said his mom Antoinette. “Even though we fought hard, I knew God would keep his promise and see him home.”

Brown says the past year has been a blessing. He’s continuing to coach and work as a personal trainer and even starting a non-profit to work with youth in Detroit to empower and educate them.

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