Book Review – Who Made God ? by Edgar Andrews

I just picked up this book recently and finished reading it this morning. I would highly recommend it. He takes the approach presenting the God of the Bible as a hypothesis. With this approach he minds the areas of cosmic origins, laws, miracles, life’s origin, evolution, mankind’s uniqueness. What are the best answers in these in these various fields?

This is a great book and I challenge you to read it.
–  Richard Dalton


Here is an interview with the author Edgar Andrews:


Amazon Review:
If you have been looking for a thoughtful, cogent and accessible counterpoint to the recent flurry of publications by the so-called New Atheists, you need look no further than Edgar Andrews “Who Made God?” Rather than offering an ad hoc response to the assertions made by Richard Dawkins and the like, Dr. Andrews instead asks us to consider a different way in to the conversation to approach belief in the biblical God as a thesis in and of itself, one that is worthy of our thoughtful consideration. He asks us to apply the methodology of hypothesis to the question of God to see how it fits and, in fact, it proves to fit remarkably well. With great clarity and rousing humour, Dr. Andrews applies the thesis of God to questions like the problem of time, the nature of humanity and the question of morality and demonstrates how belief in God has both simple elegance and far-reaching explanatory power. written. I appreciated the exposing of the reductionistic tendencies that atheists are forced to adopt, thus limiting their ability to conceive the wonder and beauty of the material universe. I also appreciated how unscientific science can be and how we should be wary of those who use/abuse the name of science to promote unscientific assumptions and conclusions. I really appreciated the explanation of quantum physics and how the author makes complex physics understandable and entertaining. This was one of my favorite chapters. I found helpful the author s delineations of the caricatures of God and the discussion on time was one of the most thought provoking sections. I found the connection between time and entropy fascinating. — — Rev. Abraham Cho, Fellowship Group Director, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York

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