God or Caesar?

A Biblical View of Responsible Christian CitizenshipGod’s purpose for designing government.

We are pleased to announce the new program designed and presented by James Muffett! In God or Caesar?, Mr. Muffett discusses the role of government in God’s structure for the world. This program is perfect for Sunday evening or morning services, or Bible study groups. God or Caesar? is the perfect topic of discussion during the present election season.

In God or Caesar? you will learn:

    What God’s Word says about the place of government.
    God’s purpose for designing government.
    How our government was founded on God’s principles.
    Historical references to God in the United States government.   
    The responsibilities of Christian Citizenship.

About James Muffett

James Muffett has over twenty-five years of experience in Michigan’s public arena, and is the founder and president of Student Statesmanship Institute, and Citizens for Traditional Values. James is a former pastor, nationally recognized spokesperson for traditional family values in Michigan, statewide organizational leader, and passionate citizen – he brings an experienced view and vibrant vision to Michigan’s cultural landscape. James was featured in “With God On Their Side,” a national PBS television special documenting Christian involvement in politics, and has been cited by The Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, CNN, NPR and CBN.
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To schedule God or Caesar? or any of our other programs for your group, visit GSNT.org or contact:

James Muffett
Student Statesmanship Institute

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