The Lens of Faith

When my wife and I moved to East Dearborn three years ago, many people asked us “Why? Why would you live there?”

When I meet people in the Detroit-area and they ask where I live, “Off of Warren and Schaefer,” I tell them, I get the strangest looks. “Oh,” is often the reply.

Although I am not in the city limits (we live about a mile from the city) my neighborhood is very urban. It’s culturally diverse – mostly a myriad of cultures from the Middle East – and has a lot going on. We have a strong arts scene here, good education, music, and (my personal favorite!) great food.

And yet there is a stigma about Dearborn and about Detroit. People think it’s too dangerous or too Arabic or too bankrupt… on it goes.

But when I think about my city from the lens of faith, I am certain God loves it. Why? Because He loves people – and people are what make up a city.

So next time you’re in my neighborhood of East Dearborn, or you venture into Detroit, try to look at it through the lens of faith. See the people in all of their diversity and uniqueness as His beautiful children, made uniquely by Him.

Dave Arnold is a writer, blogger, speaker, and life coach. He and his wife have worked with refugees and immigrants
for the last 10 years, both in Chicago and now Detroit. You can learn more about Dave from his website at

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