Detroit high school seniors receive 100% college acceptance, fifth consecutive year for Cristo Rey

For the fifth consecutive year, seniors at l have received 100% college acceptance.

“That actually makes me proud to be a part of the school,” says Jazmine Ellis, senior.

“A lot of people give Detroit a bad rep, but it’s making a comeback with this generations,” adds Tyson Green, 17-years-old.

The president of Cristo Rey, Michael Khoury, says there is no secret to the school’s success. He credits his teachers.

“We have some great teachers who work really hard with our students,” says Khoury. “We talk to them about this being an eight-year program, four years at Detroit Cristo Rey and four years at the college of their choice. We really present college as the next step for them from the moment they arrive at our school.”

And friendly competition doesn’t hurt either.

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