Kevin Deegan-Krause Explains the Ferndale Library Millage

I’ve had the honor in the past of serving on the library board and seeing the library grow and prosper and while I’m no longer on the board, a few people have asked me to explain the library millage and I realized I didn’t know enough myself.

I agree with those who say that “taxes are the price of civilization” but I also think we should be very careful to increase anybody’s tax burden without good reasons and evidence of benefit to the community as a whole.

So I dove into the numbers to educate myself and form my own opinion, and I what I found was persuasive enough that I joined the Yes Ferndale Librarygroup and have been working on the campaign, and I thought I would ask oc115 if could share my opinion here.  I think the library millage, while a significant increase, is a good investment in the community that first returns us to a level that the community supported a decade ago and then makes a reasonable increase to meet rising demand on library services.

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