Dick Purtan, JoAnne Purtan bond over Detroit radio

Dick Purtan, a bona fide Detroit radio legend, is talking about the old days when he used to bring his daughters along to his Saturday shift at the old WXYZ-AM radio station.

“I’d be in the radio studio on the second floor, and I would just say, ‘Girls, it’s a big building, go where you want,’ ” says Purtan, referring to the Southfield offices where Detroit’s ABC affiliate, WXYZ-TV (Channel 7), is still located.

One of his six daughters, JoAnne, who was around 8 at the time, already knew her professional calling. “What I found out was JoAnne was running downstairs, always to sit on the news set,” says Purtan. “As I remember, I think you told me you’d sit in Billy Bonds’ chair.”

 “And pretend I was doing the news,” she replies.

Adds her dad, “And I forgot to mention, you were always sitting not only on Billy Bonds’ chair, but on Billy Bonds’ pillow on Billy Bonds’ chair because he always had a pillow to sit higher than whoever his co-anchor was.”

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Source: Dick Purtan, JoAnne Purtan bond over Detroit radio

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