Port Huron Museum to restore steam locomotive

One of the shortest moves in the Daniel B. Harrington’s long existence was probably one of the most momentous.

Workers and volunteers recently loaded the narrow-gauge steam engine onto a flatbed trailer and moved it less than a mile from the Port Huron Museum to the metal shop at St. Clair County Community College.

Veronica Campbell, director of collections and exhibits at the museum, said the steam engine had been housed behind the Carnegie Center in a greenhouse for about 25 years.

“Those who were really passionate about trains in the area always knew where to find it,” she said. “It’s been kind of a hidden gem.”

It’s a hidden gem that is being brought out into the open and given a new setting. Thanks to the Community Foundation of St. Clair County and a $25,000 grant from CN, the Harrington will be cosmetically restored and placed in a new building where it will be more accessible to the public, said Campbell, most likely at the Thomas Edison Depot Museum near the Blue Water Bridge.

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Source: Port Huron Museum to restore steam locomotive

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