Trash or Treasure? Items tied to Detroit’s History

Detroit’s long and fascinating history is both inspiring and intriguing, so Adelia Strong Macker’s email request hoping to find out more about her vintage items fell on receptive ears.

“We wish to bring two watercolor paintings and one pen and ink drawing done by my great grandfather and grandfather Mr. Charles Strong and Lawrence Strong,” she wrote. “They had a school on Griswold Ave. in Detroit from the early 1900s until 1930, when the Depression forced them to close their doors. My grandfather went on to work for the main advertisers for Ford Motor Company, Nelsons, until the mid-1970s. We want to donate these either to the DIA or the historical museum in Detroit.  But we want first to know if they have any value.”

A sweet dedication on the back of one of the items sealed the deal: “To My Grandchild, Adelia Strong, In remembrance of your great grandfather Charles J. Strong and your grandfather Lawrence S. Strong With Love and Affection.” It is signed L.S. Strong, Dec. 10, 1960.

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Source: Trash or Treasure? Items tied to Detroit’s History

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