At just 11, this metro Detroit boy is a hairstyling prodigy

Do you remember what you were passionate about when you were 11 years old?

7 Action News reporter Syma Chowdhry met a boy from Bloomfield Hills who has been obsessed with hair, before he could even say the word “hair!”

Vince Weishaus loves everything about being a hairstylist.

“All the different lengths, and textures and colors and how you can do so much with it,” Vince said.

The pre-teen already has some experience, practicing on fake hair first.

“When I was 2, my sister always had these dolls, so I always took them and I did their hair,” he said.

Vince’s grandmother was the first to get a haircut, when he was only 5. His dad, Todd Weishaus, said Vince felt pretty comfortable using scissors in his hands.

A nearby neighbor had a salon in her home. When she moved, she made a deal with Vince’s parents to give some of her stuff to him.

Todd created a salon filled with everything Vince needed to do hair, plus fun decor. They then surprised Vince on his 9th birthday.

“(I) saw a whole salon,” Vince said. “I was like screaming and I didn’t know what to do.”

He started looking through magazines, watching Youtube and practicing on mannequin heads. Now, he’s been doing hair cuts, color and style for family, friends and teachers.

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Source: At just 11, this metro Detroit boy is a hairstyling prodigy

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