Detroit woman reunited with birth mother after nearly 50 years apart

A Detroit woman, who was adopted nearly 50 years ago, was on a mission to find her biological family.

She recently discovered her birth mother was still alive in Georgia and that she had five siblings.

The two had lived separate lives for decades — 78-year-old Lola talon and Leah Cartwright, the baby she gave up for adoption. Their dreams came true early October.

“My first view of her was a photo and I was like. ‘That’s my face!’” Cartwright recalled.

It was a reunion nearly a half century in the making.

“I knew. I really did believe in my heart that one day I would meet her,” Talon said.

Cartwright was an infant when she was adopted. Now 49, the Detroiter was always curious about her biological family. In August, she discovered a niece through and within days, she was on the phone with her biological mother.

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