Michigan farms use ‘Fitbits’ for cows

They track moo-vement and a bunch of udder data.

The dairy industry is turning to fitness trackers to monitor cows’ health and wellness as part of a growing craze to develop a data understanding of operations.

Swiss Lane Farms in the west Michigan community of Alto uses the devices on a fourth of its dairy cows.

The trackers, called T4C by Lely, are similar in appearance to the Fitbits that people wear to monitor aspects of their health, although the cows wear them around their necks.

Each cow’s tracker monitors how many steps the animal has taken, milk production, how many times the cow gets milked each day, her weight and how much she chews. The trackers use sensor technology to record and transfer information to a software system monitored by the farm.


Source: Michigan farms use ‘Fitbits’ for cows

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