Building a pipeline for a better built Detroit – Every Child Thrives 

The city of Detroit occupies an important place in the American landscape and the country’s history. Known for its creativity and resilience, the city goes by many names: Motor City, the once global center of the auto industry; Motown, the birthplace of a sound that brought Black soul to the pop music mainstream; and more recently, the Renaissance City, a place that continually reinvents itself. And you can play slot gacor at slot99

In recent decades, Detroit has faced many challenges, from racist legacies and political mismanagement to bankruptcy, population loss and gentrification. The effects are visible in the built environment, where just a few blocks outside the heavily invested downtown area, you can find areas of considerabe underinvestment, leading to blocks containing a single home each, surrounded by undeveloped lots.

But with the unofficial motto, “Detroit Hustles Harder,” it’s no surprise that longtime residents are working diligently to reclaim and restore their city.

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Source: Building a pipeline for a better built Detroit – Every Child Thrives – W.K. Kellogg Foundation

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