Bundled gift package service hires workers with disabilities

Courtney Taylor, 37, is a former special education teacher, so when she partnered with Chelsea Gheesling, 36, to start a business, they both wanted to provide an enjoyable space of work for people who experience disabilities.

So the pair started Bundled, a business that creates gift boxes with products from local businesses that they sell  to companies and individuals. The bundles celebrate birthdays, company employees, new babies, accomplishments and a range of other celebrations, including a Work From Home Bundle.

And the people they hired to create the bundles are a part of a Dearborn-based nonprofit program called Services To Enhance Potential, also known as STEP.

About six individuals with disabilities are working at Bundled every week, and each of them say they appreciate coming to work each day.

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Source: Bundled gift package service hires workers with disabilities

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