Metro Detroit groups give away backpacks for students

As back-to-school season arrives, several metro Detroit organizations are rolling out  backpack giveaways to help families in need equip students for the classroom.

The stock of each giveaway program is limited, ranging from around 50 to 500 backpacks. Most are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis — though, for some giveaways, a pre-registration may be required. Students must be present and accompanied by a parent or guardian to receive a book bag.

Raphael Mostyn, the founding president and program director of Mostyn Community Development, foresees a greater need among metro Detroit families this year than in years past, particularly as the COVID-19 pandemic led to high unemployment rates and exacerbated socioeconomic inequalities that affect the ability of many families to afford school supplies.

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Source: Metro Detroit groups give away backpacks for students

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