Money Matters for Youth in Detroit

Money Matters for Youth joined forces with Detroit Impact over a decade ago and have become a force and movement to change the lives of our youth. This mission started with intentions of giving at risk youth exposure to financial information so they could have a better future. MMFY has transformed into a financial literacy boot camp shaping our youth for the future with knowledge of money and new ways of thinking. The young investors will be exposed to many different holistic approaches to finance. Founder, Gail Perry-Mason understands health and wealth go hand-in-hand. MMFY wants the investors to understand wealthy people keep money by being healthy. MMFY serves children in the metropolitan Detroit area with critical economic and financial education. This program is also designed to give all youth an opportunity to learn business etiquette from the dining room to the board room, and expose our youth to learn how to become owners of companies instead of consumers. Youth are like Kodak Film, “All they need is Exposure and Development.”

MMFY is a week long program that includes tours of financial institutions as well as daily classes in reading stock pages, financial planning, and investment instruction. The Mid-Capitalization group (middle-school aged youth) has an opportunity to visit mid-capitalization businesses such as Munder Capital to understand how youth, as consumers, have an impact on the stock market. Business, political, and civic leaders provide supplemental presentations and instructions as well. Social activities such as fencing and golf lessons help round out the program during summer exposing the youth to activities to keep them healthy and make great business connections. Our young investors are between the ages of eight and eighteen, separated into three groups based on grade level: Small Capitalization (elementary aged youth), Mid-Capitalization (middle-school aged youth), and Large Capitalization (high-school aged youth). Core Principles of the program are: to strive for excellence and professional life, parental participation in order to have maximum impact, long-term follow up is an important component, responsibility and accountability for actions and decisions, personal assessment, grateful attitude, and gratitude and giving back to the community. Upon camp registration investors receive: a stock portfolio, opportunity to invest on Share Builder, bank account or savings bond, and linkages to community service.

Detroiter, Gail Perry-Mason is well known in the financial industry. She has climbed the corporate ladder from receptionist to Senior Director of Investments of Oppenhiemer & Co. Inc. Her vision is to help make the next generation more successful. Better credit scores, better investment opportunities, and make better financial decisions. After learning about a camp for students which taught important financial tips and groomed students for the future which cost over $10,000 per child, Perry-Mason knew many who would not be able to attend. Over the past 17 years Gail Perry-Mason has gone all around the country and International speaking and teaching financial literacy, turning consumers into entrepreneurs. Gail was elected as one of Detroit’s Most Influential Women in the Financial Industry. Gail is a prolific published writer and has written articles for local and national print media. Gail’s second book, Girl, Make Your Money Grow, written with co-author Glinda Bridgeforth was a national best seller and featured on Oprah’s Debt Diet. Gail Perry-Mason has a new book and journal, From a Full-Figured Woman to a Seven Figure Women, a Women’s Guide to Shifting Her Assets, and Pearls of Wisdom.

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