’Mutt-I-Gras’ adoption event in Detroit aims to help animals find forever homes

Detroit Animal Care and Control is holding a “Mutt-I-Gras” event aimed at finding forever homes for animals.

Bryan Sobie just adopted his new best friend.

“He just stood there looking at me, and just his eyes spoke to me,” Sobie said.

Sobie went to the week-long event, which allows anyone interested in adopting an animal to come in and adopt for free, thanks to the waived adoption fee.

“That means your animal comes with vaccinations,” said Mark Kumpf, the director of animal care for Detroit Animal Care and Control. “It comes with a city dog license if you’re a Detroit resident, and we ensure that the animals are spayed and neutered.”

Kumpf said he sees all sorts of different dogs come into his shelter. They’re all looking for a forever home.

There are dozens of dogs and cats to choose from, and adopters can even take one home for the night.

“See how they do with your family and make that decision overnight,” Kumpf said. “Then, if you want to complete the adoption, you can, or if it doesn’t work out, bring him back.”

Mutt-I-Gras runs Tuesday through Saturday. You can go in anytime between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

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Source: ’Mutt-I-Gras’ adoption event in Detroit aims to help animals find forever homes

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