Local Detroit Success Story Comes Out With A New Book!

Here it is, hot off the presses, a copy of TAKE A SHOT! A Remarkable Story of Perseverance, Friendship, and a Really Crazy Adventure by NY Times and Wall Street Journal   best-selling author Jake Steinfeld and Dave Morrow. Dave, a Detroit success story,  created Warrior Equipment which he then sold to New Balance, Inc. under the mentorship of Jake, which is all profiled in this terrific book.  Dave remains President of the company. Renowned producer/director Steve Tisch described the book as “a fast and furious ride. It’s Moneyball meets The Hangover!”  This is a business, sports, human interest story that I feel confident your readers, men and women alike, will love.

The way that  Jake and Dave met shows how we have to TAKE A SHOT!  and follow our instincts. On an airplane, reading a magazine article, Jake came across a photo of a guy holding a lacrosse stick.  This guy went to Princeton, founded Warrior equipment company out of his dorm room, and was making lacrosse a lifestyle.  That’s right – Dave Morrow, who was building a lifestyle brand around lacrosse. Jake, who loves and played the sport, was intrigued enough to pick up a phone the next morning and track Dave down in Detroit. The rest, as they say, is history and is chronicled in this book.

Jake, best known for his global brand Body by Jake, has a list of  accomplishments in both the business and philanthropic worlds that continues to multiply.

Although the book chronicles the founding and building of Major League Lacrosse, now completing its 12th season, TAKE A SHOT!  is not just for lovers of lacrosse or sports, it is for everyone.  It includes everything from encounters with Jake’s celebrity buddies, with Dave providing the fish out of water element in Hollywood, to relatable life lessons, a roadmap to ultimate success in business, although the roadmap has to be re-drawn on a regular basis. It is  a great book that reads like a very entertaining novel – except you couldn’t make up these experiences! Major League Lacrosse is simply a metaphor for any venture attempted, and overcoming the challenges and naysayers that are part and parcel with the challenge. The title says it all. If you don’t TAKE A SHOT and persevere, you can’t possibly win.

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