Metro Detroit man chases goal of playing in seniors PGA Tour

 Metro Detroit golfer Bob Krause is on a mission.

Krause is turning 50 this year and he’s using that milestone to push him toward his dream of one day being a professional golfer. He’s even got a Detroit Red Wings legend on his side.

Krause went to Q-School, which is a qualifying tournament for PGA Tour hopefuls. The top players get a tour card. Everybody else makes a decision: Keep chasing the dream or face a hard reality.

Krause didn’t make it and went into sales, and he has done very well for himself. Golf became a hobby, one that he is really good at. For him the dream still burns bright. When he turns 50 this summer, he will be eligible for the seniors PGA Tour.

He is 3 1/2 months into his training for the tour. So far, he has lost 40 pounds.

Krause’s plan is to get his body in shape to qualify come the fall.

His wife, Stephanie, is helping him on his journey, and his family is making wellness part of their lives.

Whether it comes to eating healthy or getting to the gym, Krause is making sure he is ready to go when the seniors PGA Tour rolls around.

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Source: Metro Detroit man chases goal of playing in seniors PGA Tour

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