Metro Detroit’s bike infrastructure is growing. Here’s how.

For Markita Moore, bicycling around during the pandemic has taken some getting used to. But the challenges of COVID-19 haven’t stopped her from taking her LeMond Versailles road bike out for a spin whenever she gets the chance.

Moore, a local musician and educator at Cass Tech in Detroit, has a passion for bike riding. She clocks in from one hundred to two hundred miles a week when the weather permits, and when it’s nice out even more than that. In addition to cycling on her own, Moore is also a member of the Metro 313 Cyclones, a Detroit-based cycling club that sponsors regular group rides.

She joined the Cyclones last spring around the time the pandemic started becoming an issue in Southeast Michigan. These days her club follows strict COVID-19 precautions including temperature checks when members go out on rides, but at the beginning of the pandemic, everything was a little confusing.

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Source: Metro Detroit’s bike infrastructure is growing. Here’s how.

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