Staffords Stepping Up For Detroit Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

As local hospitals reach mass capacity amid the coronavirus pandemic, Matthew and Kelly Stafford are doing their part.

Kelly announced on Instagram Thursday that the couple will provide meals for hospital workers and first responders in southeast Michigan through partnerships with local restaurants.

“We’re going to take some heat off them and put some meals on us,” Matthew Stafford told the Lions website. “It’s our way to say, ‘We appreciate you,’ and fuel them up for the fight. We’re just trying to inject some cash (in small business) and have those people staying safe.”

The Staffords are setting up a $5,000 credit at four area restaurants in the vicinity of four hospitals: Slow’s to Go for Henry Ford in midtown Detroit, Zingerman’s Deli for University of Michigan, Wahlburger’s for Beaumont Royal Oak, and Roadside Bar & Grill for St. Joseph Oakland.

“For all of you in Michigan who are putting your own health and life on the line to take care of others, we are all in such debt to you,” Kelly wrote on Instagram. “Matthew and I wanted to make sure that you knew how much we appreciate you and what you are doing and so did these restaurants we partnered with.. so please, if you are an employee of a hospital, please have whatever meal you want from any of these restaurants above… on the Staffords.”

In addition, the couple has pledged $100,000 to the food pantry Forgotten Harvest, which delivers over 800,000 pounds of food per week to local charities, and $100,000 to the Detroit Public Schools Community District to help support students in need.

It’s yet another way the Staffords have stepped up for their community.

“Obviously, Kelly and I feel really blessed to be in the situation we’re in. Some of that comes with respect to the people who are in your community and have been having a hard go of it. This virus is affecting all people, and people in all areas. We’re trying to help out what is home to us, and what’s been home to us for 12 years,” said the Lions quarterback.

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Source: Staffords Stepping Up For Detroit Amid Coronavirus Pandemic | 97.1 The Ticket

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