An absolutely definitive list of the best desserts in Metro…

If you’re looking for a sign to deviate from your lame fad diet that’s probably not going to work anyways, here it is.

It’s National Dessert Day, you can’t not participate. Print this note out and hand it to your personal trainer before hitting the mat for compensatory crunches.

To guide you through this glorious day, here’s a list of the 10 best desserts in and around Detroit:

Salted maple pie from Sister Pie

To pick any single pie from Sister Pie is hard, but to walk out of the bakery without having tasted the salted maple pie (especially with fall fully in swing) would be a shame. So walk into the bakery, let your nose be your guide and good luck practicing any restraint.

Chocolate cannoli from Astoria

This is for the chocolate lovers. Astoria’s chocolate cannoli is not for the lighthearted as the onslaught of chocolate requires some previous experience. Sure, the macarons look good, but it’s National Dessert Day — we’re looking for the heavy stuff.

Get it: 541 Monroe St., Detroit

Sea salt chocolate chip cookie from Avalon

A Detroit classic. There’s no better cookie in the city. It has it all: golden-brown edges, gooey soft inside, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chips, perfectly topped with flakes of sea salt. It can stand alone and it pairs well with coffee, what more can you want from a cookie?

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Source: An absolutely definitive list of the best desserts in Metro…

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