Cozy Rooftop Cabins Overlooking Downtown Detroit 

Fancy a stay atop a historic building in the city? El Moore Lodge has set up four new cabins with a great view of downtown Detroit. Sleep in comfort in this hidden getaway above El Moore. When there’s so much to see on the skyline, it’s always a pleasure to have a private room with a view of it. Mark this spot down for a future trip, if you find yourself coming through Detroit anytime soon.

Welcome to a slice of heaven above a historic Detroit building, the Rooftop Cabins atop El Moore.

El Moore was built in 1898, and has gone through its fair share of renovations. Though these 21st century structures are newly built, they feature materials reclaimed from the original building parts. Recycling is always a grand idea, and it sparks creativity everywhere.

There are four cabins available for renting out, each with a queen or king bed, and two with an optional pullout if you have an extra guest. Housekeeping comes daily, and there’s free wifi and a kitchenette to keep you comfortable and entertained here.

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Source: Cozy Rooftop Cabins Overlooking Downtown Detroit | Only In Your State

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