Enjoy An Adventure Along Historic Hines Drive Near Detroit

If you’re looking for a fun and leisurely way to appreciate the many joys of Metro Detroit, nothing beats a scenic drive. After all, hopping in the car with your sweetheart or family requires little exertion and offers a straightforward way to explore the surrounding area. There’s one historic scenic drive near the Motor City that will capture your heart and take you on a trip through time.

When you’re ready for an adventure that perfectly combines history, natural beauty, and family togetherness, add this drive to your itinerary. The route extends for 17 miles.

The drive itself is named for Metro Detroiter Edward N. Hines, a road development pioneer who served on the Wayne County Road Commission between 1906 and 1938.

At the heart of Historic Hines Drive’s appeal is its proximity to the Rouge River, which flows peacefully along the roadway. Keep your eyes peeled for scenic glimpses of the water.

In addition to the river, drivers will find plenty of history-rich stops, including Nankin Mills. This former grist mill dates back to 1842 and now serves as an interpretive center.

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Source: Enjoy An Adventure Along Historic Hines Drive Near Detroit

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