Materials Unlimited Is Three-Story Antique Shop Near Detroit

Whether you’re decorating a new home or simply searching for a few everyday treasures, there’s nothing more fun than strolling through an antique shop. Metro Detroit is home to all sorts of stores laden with vintage finds and timeless treasures, but one spot stands out above the rest. The next time you’re craving an antiquing excursion, hop in the car and venture to this three-story gem.

Situated just 40 minutes by car from Detroit, this beloved shopping destination is the perfect place for a quick getaway from the city. There’s so much to discover when you step inside.

Its name might sound broad, but that’s because the sheer size of the inventory at Materials Unlimited truly feels, well, unlimited. The shop holds three floors of antiques and other goods.

From restored items to untouched vintage finds, there’s something for everyone here. Your next decor project will undoubtedly be elevated once you’ve explored the aisles.

Marvel at 15,000 square feet of furniture, glassware, doors, salvaged pieces, and so much more. You could easily spend hours getting lost in this lovely labyrinth of history.

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Source: Materials Unlimited Is Three-Story Antique Shop Near Detroit

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