Online Directories Track Michigan Restaurant Carryout and Delivery Service 

Michigan’s dining rooms may be closed for business, but many of the state’s favorite restaurants are still open for (or in the process of converting to) carryout and delivery. Some spots are even selling beer and wine to-go. Because the status of business operations is constantly changing due to the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic, it can be difficult to keeping track of all of the current options. Fortunately, some innovative groups have organized and launched new sites designed to help consumers navigate the carryout and delivery scene in their area.

While customers should always call or consult social media for the most up-to-date status of their favorite restaurants and bars, here are a few handy tools to guide you through the ordering process and support small businesses.

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Detroit Food Updates

This platform developed by web design firm BMG Media and juice bar chain Beyond Juice + Eatery tracks the status of Michigan restaurant and bars and clearly marks the listings based on whether they are open for carryout, delivery, or both. There are also menus uploaded to the site. Because the platform is new, there are still a few hiccups in the filing system, but it’s very comprehensive.

Dining at a Distance

This Chicago-developed dining directory has quickly expanded to cities around the world, including Detroit. The growing site, which boasted more than 50 listings in the metro area at the time of publication, features information about delivery, carryout, and apps the restaurants are available on. There’s also details about hours and phone numbers. Other restaurants can join the list by clicking the Submit a Restaurant link.

Let’s Detroit

The Detroit Regional Chamber has launched a page that lists recommendations for local restaurants that are open for carryout and delivery.

A Few Tips Regarding Food Delivery and Takeout:

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to follow recommendations for social distancing by staying home or otherwise limiting their contact with others, it might be worth considering ordering takeout or delivery. There is currently no evidence of food itself being associated with COVID-19 transmission; it’s more likely any risk would come from inadequate hand washing on the part of restaurant employees or the virus existing on restaurant surfaces. Restaurants generally follow stringent food safety rules to combat that anyway, but if you’re unsure of the establishment’s practices, recommends consumers check health scores.

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