Text My Bus 

What is this?
TextMyBus lets you find out when your bus will arrive using DDOT’s real-time bus tracking information.

How does it work?
Just text your location to 50464. For example, send in “Woodward and Warren” or “1250 E Grand”.

Text 50464 from your stop, home, school, or work.

Save The Number
Be sure to save 50464 to your phone. If you don’t get a response, you can also text in to 313?499?0937.

Questions or Comments?
Have feedback, questions, or problems with the service? Feel free to email us at detroit@codeforamerica.org.

Use The Data
Interested in building an app? The DDOT real-time data API is available free for programmers everywhere.

For article, click below:

Source: Text My Bus | City of Detroit

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