Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving

Experience the true story from American history about the spiritual roots and historical beginnings of Thanksgiving.

This entertaining and historical story shows that the actual hero of Thanksgiving was neither white nor Indian but God. In 1608, English traders came to Massachusetts and captured a twelve-year-old Indian, Squanto, and sold him into slavery. He was raised by Christians and taught faith in God. Ten years later he was sent home to America. Upon arrival, he learned an epidemic had wiped out his entire village. But God had plans for Squanto. God delivered a Thanksgiving miracle: an English-speaking Indian living in the exact place where the Pilgrims landed in a strange new world.   –  Richard Dalton

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I’ve been recommending the children’s book by Eric Metaxes for a few years – here on the Friday after Thanksgiving day (2022) I discover a great presentation about the Pilgrims on YouTube.   What’s it have to do with Detroit?   Did you notice the parade yesterday?   Enjoy!

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