5 Metro Detroit letter carriers honored for heroism

Of 10 letter carriers being honored for heroism in the country, half are from Metro Detroit, officials announced.

The National Association of Letter Carriers Heroes of the Year will be honored at a luncheon in Washington D.C. on Wednesday for their actions in the last year.

Of those honored from Michigan, Brandon Franklin of Waterford, who sprinted after a runaway Jeep whose driver had fallen unconscious and then in acrobatic fashion dove headfirst through the window to navigate the vehicle to safety as it neared a school zone, is Central Region Hero of the Year.

It was last September when Franklin was on his normal route through West Bloomfield when he saw a Jeep with its hazard lights on, moving slowly and swerving lanes. He said he looked inside but didn’t see anyone in it at first. After circling¬†around, he saw a woman slumped over at the wheel, passed out, he said.

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Source: 5 Metro Detroit letter carriers honored for heroism

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