Amateur Chef sets out to Cook Food from Every Country on Earth

Alexandria Drzazgowski was stuck. She needed yak meat for a recipe for her blog, the Foreign Fork, and couldn’t find it anywhere in Metro Detroit.

She eventually found a purveyor in the northern part of the state who shipped it to her, but the Bhutanese dish she was trying to create with it never panned out. This is just one example of the kind of commitment the Rochester native has to her global cooking blog, which she started one year ago.

Her goal is to make around three dishes for each of the nearly 200 countries on the planet. The ambitious chef, who has been cooking for about 12 years, has researched, developed and tested recipes for 25 countries and posted them to

For example, instead of the yak meat dish that just didn’t click, she posted recipes for a peppers and cheese dish ema datschi, a blog on butter tea and instructions on how to make gondo datschi, a scrambled egg dish with goat cheese, butter and herbs.

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Source: Amateur chef sets out to cook food from every country on Earth

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