Art of the Family –

Art of the Family features paintings and sculptures from a family of award-winning artists. The exhibition answers the age-old question of nature versus nurture by demonstrating the existence of both innate talent and learned skills in shaping the artist.

Donald, the eldest brother, has been drawing and painting his entire life. He attended the College for Creative Studies and is a freelance artist involved with fine art, murals and architectural art design.

Robert studied art at the University of Michigan. After 30 years in the commercial art business, his art has evolved from wildlife painting and sculpture into landscape and figure painting.

Susan grew up surrounded by music and art. Her mother is a talented watercolor artist and her father was a gifted woodworker. After she married Robert and raised a family, she found her artistic talent through drawing, specializing in soft pastel portraits.

William, like his brothers, picked up drawing at an early age. Largely self-taught, he explores different mediums and subject matter, developing his skills with each project.

Regardless of their beginnings and how their artistry is expressed, one common trait among each artist is a sense of passion for art.

Works in the exhibition are available online at Art of the Family.

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