Book Tower renovation tour in Detroit gives glimpse inside

Imagine being crammed inside a construction elevator with 14 other people, the machine erupting into a loud roar once it began going up the building.

Feeling like an eternity, the elevator door is finally opened, which leads to the 32nd floor. Several windows occupy the open space, offering breathtaking views of the Detroit skyline. Blue skies hang over the Detroit River, with various skyscrapers in the background.

This is what several attendees had the chance to experience Saturday afternoon during the “A Look Inside the Book Tower” tour. Hosted by Detroit Design 139, the event allowed more than 100 guests to see the historic 38-story Book Tower and the adjacent, 13-story Book Building. Bedrock is working with New York Architecture firm ODA to renovate the interior of the structure.

The event began with a presentation at the 1001 Woodward Building, hosted by members of Bedrock, ODA and Kraemer Design Group, another architecture firm working on the project.

Alex Ward, the senior project architect for ODA, said the Book Tower and building will have a mix of office, retail, hospitality and residential spaces. The first few floors will have shops and offices, followed by hotel units and then residential units from the 9th floor to the 38th floor.

“The process we have been going through with Bedrock has been very collaborative,” he said. “We want to make sure the space is as open as possible for the public on the ground floor and second floor, and we want Detroiters to come in and enjoy the space. Hopefully everybody will enjoy it just as much as I have designing it.”

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Source: Book Tower renovation tour in Detroit gives glimpse inside

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