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When it comes to sharing up-to-the-minute news and information about Michigan’s business environment, Business Leaders for Michigan is again leading the way.  The organization today unveiled its new website, with fresh information and resources that support the state’s evolving economic environment.

“Information is moving faster than ever before, and issues are become increasingly complex,” said Doug Rothwell, President and CEO of Business Leaders for Michigan. “This site is designed to keep the best information about the state’s competitiveness at the fingertips of decision makers interested in setting policy that will support and drive economic and job growth in Michigan.”

The website, available at, contains information about the organization’s Michigan Turnaround Plan, as well as its other initiatives.  Detailed benchmarking data about the state’s economic progress also is provided. 


About Business Leaders for Michigan:

Business Leaders for Michigan  –

is a private, non-profit executive leadership organization dedicated to making Michigan a “Top Ten” state for job and economic growth. The organization is composed exclusively of the chairpersons, chief executives or most senior executives of Michigan’s largest companies and universities, which provide over 300,000 jobs in Michigan, generate over $1 Trillion in annual revenue and serve over 130,000 students. The organization’s work is defined by the Michigan Turnaround Plan, a holistic, fact-based strategy to get Michigan’s economy back on track.

Visit for more information.

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