“Further Up And Further In” – C.S. Lewis Conference – NOV 3-4

C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, & Story

C.S. Lewis took us to Narnia, with its adventure and “Deep Magic from Before the Dawn of Time.” But he most wanted us to see the wonder, magic, and majesty in our own world—even when it looks tragic and broken. Come to hear speaker Dr. Jerry Root of Wheaton College delve into the writings of C.S. Lewis and explore their relevance for us today.

Friday, Nov. 3rd starting at 7 pm, Dr. Root will be speaking on “C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, & Story.” Why did these two professors, who were both renowned in their academic fields, start writing novels? What do their magical stories have to do with our lives in this apparently unmagical world?

Saturday, Nov. 4th at 7 pm, Dr. Root will speak on “C.S. Lewis and the Problem of Evil.” He’ll be helping us probe the crucial question, Do suffering and evil undermine the existence (or goodness) of God? Friday and Saturday night’s events will both be held at Kresge Auditorium at Madonna University (Levan and Schoolcraft roads; 36600 Schoolcraft Road, Livonia, 48150).  (Click Here for Map)

There will also be a special event on Saturday morning, an evangelism workshop to be held at Trinity Church of Livonia (34500 Six Mile Road, Livonia 48152) for those who would like to learn how to share their faith with insight. Please RSVP for the workshop only: (734) 367-0422 or hcachurch@gmail.com.  (Click Here for Map)

The C.S. Lewis Conference is being presented with totally free admission by His Church Anglican and the C.S. Lewis Conference Committee.

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